Propagation, Mutiply

Power, Intelligence, Speed, Stamina

A+, A+, A+, A+


Cree's Personality


Cambio Forma, Cambio Forma Version X, Flying, Communicating



Combination Attack Partner


Raven is Cree's Cloud Box Weapon that possess the ability of propagation. It has a very close relationship with it's owner Cree and can communicate with her through mind. Raven is different from most boxes since it can either stay in Cree's ring, his box weapon, or live outside. Raven is friends with Lupe as well. He is the most used box weapon out of the three box weapon's Cree has.

Appearance: Raven has the appearance of regular raven, except with Cloud flames on his wings and tail. His pupils are dark purple while his irises are light purple in color. When in Version X form he is mostly with Cree so it's unknown what he looks like in this form.

Abilities: Raven as a multitude of abilities since being with Cree for a long time. He has the normal Cloud abilities and more.

  • Propagation: Raven can absorb Cree's and his flames to grow bigger and size and mutiply himself by the thousands or millions of needed too. When Raven grows bigger he can let people ride him. He has to absorb flames to fly far places which can tire Cree out desparetly. This is only mentioned once on the System Arc.
  • Cambio Forma: Raven's initial release form. This is his first Cambio Forma form. He can give Cree Iron wings on her back to let her fly in the air. In this form he can last a long time. Chains also wrap around the edges and Raven also gives Cree sharper eyes to see below.
  • Cambio Forma Version X: Raven's 2nd and true form. He can merge directly with Cree in this form, along with her scythe, and Cree gains a full bodied bladed body. This means her body is changed into hard, iron, blades. She can make blades appear from any part of her body and grow large in size depending on the fight. Cree's looks and personality also change. Her eyes change to both being purple, her hair is cut short and purple just as well. She wears a full black boy's school uniform, with a black tie, and black shoes, and a long half-closed trenchcoat. Cree's personality changes to a calm, quiet, reserved, smart, and intelligent person. She is much stronger, faster, and her intelligence rises as well. Because her body is made up of her scythe blades not even bullets can hurt her and if other Dying Will Flames touch her she becomes extremely hot to the touch. Cree also has black, raven like wings that allow her to fly in needed too. Cree and Raven can communicate through mind in this form as well. Cree is the only Varia member which can use this form as well.

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