Power, Intelligence, Speed, Stamina

A+, A+, A+, D+


Cree's Personality


Cambio Forma, Cambio Forma Version X, Communicating



Combination Attack Partner


Lupe is Cree's Cloud Box Weapon that possess the ability of propagation. It has a very close relationship with it's owner Cree and can communicate with her through mind. He mostly lives inside his box weapon but can come out if he wants too. He is the least used box weapon out of all three box weapon's Cree uses.

Appearance: Lupe has the appearance of a regular sized wolf except his fur is light and dark purple. His eyes are the same as Raven's except with a darker colored pupil than Raven. His flames circle around all four of his legs, his tail and the tips of his ears.

​Abilities: Lupe as a multitude of abilities since being with Cree for a long time. He has the normal Cloud abilities and more.

  • Propagation: Lupe can absorb Cree's flames to make himself bigger or to make thousands of him. Neither one of these traits has been seen yet since it's shown he's only able to make four copies each time Lupe is used with Cree. Why he is show using so little is unknown at the time.
  • Cambio Forma: Will explain later~~
  • Cambio Forma Version X: Later~~

Relationships: Lupe has only shown affection for Cree but has actually relationships with some incredibly powerful otherwordly beings. Here are a few of them. *Cree: Lupe shows extreme loyalty and protection over Cree and will do anything to make sure she is safe from harm. This is seen typically if someone tries to attack her he will attack their leg making the person trip and fall. He will do whatever she asks him to do without talking back or ignoring her order's. He is seen to sometimes ask Cree to fight on his own, without her, and she is willing to allow him, showing how much trust there is between the two. However this personality could be just a cover-up for the real devil inside himself.
  • Raven: They are shown to have a friendly relationship towards each other. Both are friends and can even make a combination attack because of teir friendship. But there is some resentement between the two because of the time spent with Cree. Neither one denies this when questioned about it.

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