Jun Lieto






Wedding Dress Designer



Best Friends

Cree, Alex



Jun Lieto is best friends with Cree and knows about the Mafia. He is openly gay and his partner Alex is just as open and simple-minded as Jun is. Jun cares deeply for Cree wanting her to be extremely happy. At the moment he is helping Cree with her debt and trying to make her happy by making her pretty.

Appearance: Jun, despite being gay, doesn't look it in the very least. He is very tall, with shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, and seemingly strong and muscular. He likes wearing polos, tight jeans, and chains on his belt. He wears loafers and small socks. Although he doesn't look gay his voice is gay enough and very obvious although most people don't notice this because of his looks.

Personality: Jun is a kind, gentle, nurturing guy with a love for everything girly. He is extremely kind towards Cree, helping her with her debt and is espcially close with Alex. Despite this puppy-loving side, he does have a protective side to him, mostly towards Cree. He doesn't like guys following her or even looking at her if she doesn't like them in that way back. Jun is also kind of nosey wanting Cree to find love before she grows old. He already knows that she's in love with Xanxus and wants her to be in a relationship with him. Something she doesn't want at the moment since she can't. Jun, Alex, and even the guardians of the 9th try to get the two together using different methods. This shows how nosey he really is. Despite his flaws he is fun, playful, and loves Cree with all his heart.

History: Jun met Cree when she moved into their poor town at the age of 11. Since then they've been best friends despite her strong killing urges. Before becoming gay, he came out at the age of 13, he fell in love with Cree and even to this day has some deep, unreaveling love for her, which Alex knows and thinks it's funny. Cree loves him as a close friend only.


  • Xanxus seems to show a strong dislike towards Jun.
  • Jun likes blueberries, strawberries, and cherries with his vanilla milkshake.
  • Jun wishes to marry Alex in a wedding dress so he can be a bride. (Kinda weird)

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