This page is for relationships with Cree and the Vongola Family. Meaning Tsuna and his guardians.

Tsunayoshi Sawada

Tsuna consider's Cree an extremely close friend to him despite Cree hating him for unknown reasons at the beginning of the story. Nearer in the middle and now Cree likes and accepts Tsuna as the boss of the Vongola Family and as a best friend. He helped her when her Hell Ring went out of control, Rail had taken over her body, and even shows worry over her well-being. He was the first out of every character to know her true feelings about murdering people. He is still the only one who still knows, although Xanxus seems to know as well. Cree likes him when he is in HDWM as he protects everyone around him. Either that or because it reminds her of Primo. Both look out for one another if in battle. Even though the rest of the Varia think he is annoying and shouldn't be boss she's the only one who agrees and says he will become a good boss even if he doesn't want to.


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