This is the page where Cree's relationships will be posted. There will be other pages made and the people on those pages pertain to that family altogether. Ex: This page will only be about the Varia, another page will be about the Vongola Family, ETC. So enjoy the first page of this... THE VARIA.


Boss of the Varia and one of Cree's role models. The Relationship between these two, at first, was just a normal boss and loyal member. But as the story progressed and past's were looked into, friends were revealed, and secrets were known, it seems like this relationship has fallen more into the romantic kind. When Cree fist joined the Varia she was wary of Xanxus but grew to like him, having a secret crush on him. The crush eventually turned into love when her past was finally revealed, her secrets all out, and yet Xanxus still wished for her to remain in the Varia despite all that she's been through. Other character's have pointed out to Cree that she has fallen in love with Xanxus and she doesn't deny this at all. Despite their love for each other, Cree is still extremely loyal to her boss and treats him with the outmost respect and will protect him if someone attacks Xanxus. Both have confessed their love for each other and are now going out. Xanxus loves Cree so much he is willing to protect her at all costs. The same can be said for Cree.


Cree and Squalo are friends within the Varia and the only two to actually have one between member's. Cree consider's him to be a great member to be in battle with and Squalo sees her as someone as strong as Xanxus. Cree likes him just as a close friend although Squalo seems to like her in a romantic way. He does know of the relationship between her and Xanxus but seems to have problems with it. When around Cree he isn't as violent or loud like he usually is and when her name is mentioned or if she's around he tends to blush. Besides this he has mutual respect for her and feels sorry for all that she's been through. He was one of the first character, besides Xanxus, to keep her in the Varia when thing's went haywire. He was also the one who brought her to the Varia.


Cree dislikes Levi to the point of even smashing his alarm clocks because they were getting annoying. His room is right next to Cree's and finally she get's so upset she has someone install soundproof walls to block out the alarm clocks in the morning. Levi seems to like hiding alarms in her room further annoying her and teasing Cree making her hit him whenever she can. Although they don't get along as well they are mutual in their feelings for one another. Cree sees him as annoying person and he sees her as someone who is too strong for their own good.


When Cree first joined the Varia and said she was 18 he became attracted and loved Cree. This all changed when she revealed to be 23. After she revealed her true age his feelings towards her changed to just respect and some kind of friendship. Cree doesn't see him as a bad person but wishes he were stronger. Both are the only two in the Varia to have blond hair and wear the same kind of clothing.


Cree and Lussaria have a mutual friendship and respect for one another. Cree goes to him for fashion advice and healing for wounds. Despite finding him annoying she can still stand him unlike the other's who cannot. She has not seen his eyes before but always wishes she wouldn't have too, for some odd reason.


Both have an extreme dislike for each other. Mammon dislikes her because she can easily see through illusions, and Cree because she think's he's too much of a smartass to be in the Varia. Mammon normally says rude things towards Cree and she tends to insult him back just to annoy him. They do not go on missions together, since the last time they did, they fought bloody against each other. Since then they are paired off with different people. Mammon also dislikes Cree because of her love for Xanxus.

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