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Box Animal

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Dove(Mom), Iodola(Dad)

Cree is an assassin and a member in the Varia. She has the Cloud Ring, a real one, and was asked to join the Varia in which she accepted for pure amusement. Cree is strong, stronger than most Varia or Vongola member's, and seems to be on the same level with Reborn on strength. She is also the proud owner of a Hell Ring, and several other rings that are unknown to the mafia world. Cree has made an agreement with the Vindice, and has made it her goal to keep it a secret why. Despite her evil and murdererous ways, she does have a kind, soft side and will protect anyone ally or enemy if she really needs too.

Appearance: Cree's appearance isn't really looked upon throughout the story. She seems to like wearing casual, comfy clothes and long-sleeved shirts. Cree has shoulder-length blond hair, with the tips dyed purple, and seems to be spiky everywhere, like Tsuna's, despite always brushing it everywhere. She is slender, with a perfect body, but does have scars underneath her clothes. Her eyes aren't really looked at but are two different colors. Her right eye has two different colors in it. Red and purple, while her left eye is bright gold. (Her eyes later get noticed by someone else). She tends to wear converse and in battle will put on an open, fur-rimmed coat. She usually has a calm expression on her fact which can quickly turn to anger and annoyance. She also has a chain for a necklace with her Cloud ring and the Varia ring on it.

Personality: Cree's personality is somewhat hard to explain but she has the personality of a killer and one who loves to kill. At first she was shown to be extremely agressive and hated everyone around her, but by the time she got to know the Varia, everyone in the Vongola Famiglia, and her battles she calms down to the point where murder's and killing people aren't so much on her mind anymore. Also due to the fact that everyone is after her and she needs to stay calm and rational. Cree can be kind and gentle and this is shown when she is with animals or cute people.

Although her personality has somewhat calmed down outside of battle, when in battle she is ruthless and will hurt or kill the person if necessary. She becomes a full battle machine and is not one to be taken lightly in battle. She dislikes talking in battle but will do so if necessary or in need of quick thinking. Her strength is considered almost evil like and her eyes tend to change color as well. Once battle is finished she will quickly revert back to her calm self or whatever she was feeling before battle. Her box weapons share this same trait with her.

History: Cree's history is first looked back pretty much at the start of the story. It was shown her parents were murdered on her birthday in their house and three days later brought into an unpleasant orphanage home where she met and befriended Suzo. Her first real friend. After spending many months with him and having been beaten almost every single day, Suzo was taken by the Vindice for attempted murder against the 9th boss, although this isn't revealed in the past. It shows Cree begging the Vindice to bring her with them, but only if she will do something for them. After this the past cuts off arubtly. Because of her terrible past, Cree has problems with Orphanage and adults, showing this when she meets Tsuna's mom and rudely says hello. She was also shown to love her parents very much, she still does to this day, and misses Suzo after his death.

Weapons: Cree uses a scythe as her main weapon but also has Extreme Intelligance on hand which is usefull in many ways.

  • Scythe: Cree's main weapon. It can transform into a switchblade when not needed or not in use. It's dark purple(almost black), the handle, with a light purple blade. Purple flames surround the blade when Cree is in extreme fighting mode and her scythe seems to be much stronger as well when it's flames surround it. As a switchblade it looks like a normal one. It transforms when Cree pushes a second button on the switchblade. She seems to be able to fight with the switchblade as well cutting people easily.
  • Extreme Intelligence: Although not a physical weapon, Cree's intelligence is much higher than Tsuna's Vongola Hyper Intuition. She was able to see through Liam's Illusions, only a strong illusionist could see through them, and is able to see through Mukuro's, Mammon's, and even Daemon's illusions and any mist attacks. Because of this she is feared greatly by Illusionists, and some even seek her to find out how she is able to see through them. Cree, with EI, can also think fast on her feet when in a tight decision, or no one else can think of something. She also knows everything and about the Vongola Family and their history. She can learn something's history just by touching it. In the second part of her past, she was given some secret knowlegde by the Vindice, which is absolutely forbidden amongst them, but they did it anyways. Still people fear her and sometimes want to destroy her for fear of not wanting secrets exposed.

Rings: Hell Ring. Cree has obtained the last surviving hell-ring through unorthodox means. She explains that she dug up the previous owner's grave and took his ring. The ring accepted her because of her hate and contempt for people. Sometimes Cree thinks she made a wrong decision by chosing this hell ring.

  • Genere-Interruttore: Literally meaning Gender-Switch. Once activated the hell ring makes the owner the opposite of it's gender. If a man owner it switches to a girl. If a girl owner it switches to a boy. While their gender's are switched, Their personalities, clothes, and even combat abilities change. But their mind is still connected giving this technique at one disadvantage. While as a mail, Cree refers herself as 'Rail' and her personality takes on as a strong, powerful, and smart-assed male. Her combat abilities also differ as this time she resorts to punching and kicking and shouting curses more foul-mouthed than herself. Rail seems to like wearing sharp, fancy clothes with an open trench-coat. As a male, Rail dislikes smoking. Also while their gender's are switched their power is 10x their normal self. Cree will only use her Hell Ring if needed too or wanting too.

Relationships: Cree has made many relationships in this story, some of which are not fully explained, other's are visabily obvious. There will be a separate page for Cree's relationships since there are many in this story. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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