Character Meme 4: Julius

01. Full name: Julius Liberta
02. Best friend: No one
03. Sexuality: Straight
04. Favorite color: Blond
05. Relationship status: Single
06. Ideal mate: No one
07. Turn-ons: Nothing
08. Favorite food: Coffee
09. Crushes: No one
10. Favorite music: Heavy Metal
11. Biggest fear: Death
12. Biggest fantasy: Nothing
13. Bad habits: Keeping an eye on his sister, much like Suzo
14. Biggest regret: Not being able to see the birth of his little sister Cree
15. Best kept secrets: Wishes he could be alive
16. Last thought: I won't be able to see my beautiful little sister!
17. Worst romantic experience: None
18. Biggest insecurity: Cree not accepting him as her brother(he's dead)
19. Weapon of choice: Nothing
20. Role Model: His parents

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