Character meme's are memes with character's as the central point. There will be a list and their questions and answers pertaining to the character. This meme was taken off of, so all the questions go to whoever made the meme first. (I'll have to find them out). This meme is only for these character's in this story. Enjoy!

Character Meme 1: Cree

01. Full name: Cree Liberta
02. Best friend: Jun
03. Sexuality: Straight
04. Favorite color: Purple
05. Relationship status: Single
06. Ideal mate: Someone strong, cool, and good-looking
07. Turn-ons: Fighting
08. Favorite food: Cake
09. Crushes: Xanxus
10. Favorite music: Punk
11. Biggest fear: Dying
12. Biggest fantasy: To swim in a pool full of Chocolate
13. Bad habits: Smoking, cussing, and dying a lot
14. Biggest regret: Not being able to save her parents from being killed
15. Best kept secrets: That she is actually shy, scared little girl
16. Last thought: What happened to Suzo?
17. Worst romantic experience: None
18. Biggest insecurity: Not being strong enough or good enough
19. Weapon of choice: Scythe
20. Role Model: Her parents

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